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Are you looking for an editor?
  We would love to help you with your next project.
Our editing team comprises:
Kaylene Osborn (Chief Editor)
Nicki Kuzn (Editor)

NOTE: All charges are in Australian dollars,
and are correct as at July 1st, 2021.


New Authors

A $100AUD deposit will be required to be paid before editing commences.

We will need you to fill in an information sheet and accept our Terms of Service Agreement as a prerequisite before work is commenced. These will be provided via email once you contact us with your requirements. Payment details for invoices thereafter is provided below.

All Other Authors

An invoice will be sent via PayPal.

Payment is required (in full) after editing is complete
  but before proofing.
Payment by the invoice due date is strictly adhered to.
Overdue invoices will incur a 10% late fee every week, accrued weekly. The 10% fee will be added one (1) day after the due date and from then on incremented weekly.


 Editing Services

Prices are correct as at July 1st, 2021.

Line and Copy Edit

0.0070AUD/word for an in-depth line by line and copy edit
of your manuscript.
Note: This fee is a baseline figure only, and any book that requires extensive editing outside normal guidelines will attract surcharges.
What we look for:

overuse of words
duplicate words and groups of words
continuity and inconsistencies in story-line
common spelling errors and grammar issues
dialogue formatting errors
ensure the manuscript reads smoothly
ensure the proper use of contractions
suggestions for improvement
sentence structure improvement
plot inconsistencies
character issues

Our editing services involve all of the issues mentioned above and are returned to the author for reviews. All editing is carried out using tracked changes. Blurb checking is done for free when purchasing this package. More information can be found in our Terms of Service Agreement.

Under 10,000 words attracts a minimum $100.00AUD fee
regardless of word count.


Proofreading Service

0.0050AUD/word for a final check of any outstanding issues
Note: fee is a baseline figure only, and any book that requires extensive editing outside normal guidelines will attract higher fees.

It is always advisable to have a proofreader go over your manuscript before publication after the editing process is completed. Proofreading is carried out on the final draft and includes a line-by-line check of spelling, grammar, and minor sentence issues. 

Under 10,000 words is charged at $100.00AUD.


Editing and Proofreading Service

0.0105AUD/word for an in-depth line by line and copy edit of your manuscript, plus proofread. 
Note: fee is a baseline figure only, and any book that requires extensive editing outside normal guidelines will attract higher fees.

This package provides the most complete and polished end product. This is a combination of both services above, so please read the explanations for each service, or for more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Developmental Edit

Contact us for pricing and to discuss your needs.

A developmental edit attracts higher fees, takes considerable time, and is determined upon what the author requires. This editing price for a developmental edit can be high, so the author will need to factor this into their budget. Swish Design & Editing holds the right to refuse this type of edit if time constraints are not within reasonable expectations. Remember, this edit will take considerable time to complete, so it must be booked in with Swish Design & Editing's program of work.


Book Editing Guidelines

A Developmental Editor

Focuses on plot, character development, theme, point of view, etc. This type of editing is only offered when you need guidance on writing your story. The cost for development editing is significant and requires a lot of your editor's time. So if you think you need this type of edit, you must make sure you let us know, so we can factor in the time needed and give you an approximation on costing.  Costs may well vary for this during the edit, so remember to factor this into your budget.

Note: Swish reserves the right to refuse developmental editing if the writing is at a level where the editing process will take significant time and resources.

A Line Editor

Focuses on writing style and voice, points out phrasing, repetition, telling vs. showing, dialogue issues, and flagging inconsistencies.

A Copy Editor

Focuses on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Looks at confused words and ensures consistency with capitalization, hyphenation, and numerals.

A Proof Reader

Focuses on making sure the book is as error-free as possible (remember no one is perfect, so we strive to make it the best we can). They check for typographical errors, layout, and page issues.

Acquisition Editor

These editors work for publishing companies. They acquire manuscripts and evaluate the book's ability to sell.  We do NOT provide this service at Swish Design and Editing.


Contact Us

We can be found on Facebook


Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be sent via email and must be submitted with NO formatting.  Any formatting can be destroyed accidentally by our editors during the editing process. The approved font is Calibre or Calibre Light, size 12 font, and single-spaced.
All authors must provide the information requested by Swish Design and Editing in an email prior to editing taking place.  This information is imperative for us to make sure we have full knowledge of what is required.
Rush jobs can be accepted but will attract a 30% surcharge.  Please talk to us as soon as you realize you will need these services, to check if we are able to fit you in.
All editing is subject to approval. This rarely happens, but authors should be made aware that if we find the editing process is taking longer than expected due to issues with the manuscript, or the cost will be more than the quoted amount, then the manuscript may be returned to the author for attention.
Dates set for editing are strictly enforced.  Any missed dates will mean the editing may be moved to a later time slot if one is available or forfeited altogether.  Currently, time slots are limited and fill fast, so if you have a date in mind, please contact us as soon as you can.

Please note: we highly recommend you allow at least six weeks from the time your manuscript is sent to us until your publication date. This allows for any issues we may find to be settled, for formatting to take place, and then for ARC distribution (most bloggers required at least fourteen days prior to publication).
We are here to help you, so contact us with any questions, and we will be only too happy to answer them.


No Refund Policy

We pride ourselves on the work we provide, but sometimes there may be small issues that require our attention after final edits.  In this case, we recommend contacting us for remedial action.  However, we cannot give refunds on deposits or payments.  There is a no refund policy. Please read over our Terms of Service Agreement.


Swish Terms of Service Agreement

Please click here to read our Terms of Service Agreement.
This agreement must be agreed to before any work can commence.


ef=eBook format 
pf=paperback format


A.M. Johnson

Every Beautiful Piece p

Pressure p ef pf

Sacred Heart p ef pf

Still Life e ef pf

Still Water e ef pf

 Addison Jane - USA Today Bestselling Author

Avery e f ef pf

Sacrifice (Twisted Steel Anthology) e

Illusive (Reign Anthology) e

What Are The Odds (Call My Bluff Anthology) e

The Club Girl Diaries Box Set ef

Rein (Anthology) e p

Her Ransom (Royal Bastards MC) e p ef pf

Laken e p ef pf

Bayward Street Re-release e p ef pf

Kennedy e p ef pf

Irrevocable e p ef pf

Meyah e p ef pf

Shake e p ef pf

Skyler e p ef pf

Angelo e p ef pf  

Wrench e p ef pf

Family e p ef pf

Hadley e p ef pf

Bayward Street e p ef pf

Blizzard e p ef pf

Chelsea e p ef pf

Harmony e p ef pf

Missing Link e p ef pf

 Addison Jane - USA Today Bestselling Author
K E Osborn
- USA Today Bestselling Author

  Our Salvation (Elites Anthology) e p

Revive e p ef pf

Liberate e p ef pf

Deceit e p ef pf

   Aimie Jennisen

  Running Scared e p

Forever Young and Beautiful e

     Alana Jade

Dreamy Doctor e p ef pf

Tempting Teacher e p ef pf

Professor Perfect e p ef pf

The Serendipity Box Set ef

The Wrong Time e p ef pf

The Right Place e p ef pf

Letting Go e p ef pf

Bowled Over - Wham Bam Anthology e

Always Sir e ef pf

    Ally Prince

 The Wrangler e

The Cowboy e

  Allyson Sinclair

 We All Have Secrets e ef pf

Second Chance e ef pf

    Amanda Cashure

  Six Horsemen (Dream) e p

Six Horsemen (Dust) e p

 Amber Thielman

  If I Fall e p ef p

 Amo Jones

 136 Scars e ef pf

Intricate Love e ef pf

Losing Traction e ef pf

Tainted Love e ef pf

Sinful Souls MC e p ef pf

 Angel Steel

 Wreaking Havoc e

 Anne Malcolm

 Beyond the Horizon e ef pf

Outside the Lines e ef pf

Making the Cut ef pf

Firestorm ef pf

 Arabella Rose

Startling e

Fated Reunion e

 Ash Hosking

Miss Misguided e p ef pf

Birthday Wishes e p ef pf

 Barry S. Brunswick

 The Veil of Shadow e p

The Masters of Light e p

 Belinda Williams

  Wild Heart p

Heart Strings p

 Cassandra Magnussen

 What Would've Been  e p ef pf

What Could've Been Us In Another Time & Place  e p ef pf

 Corinne Mazille

  Claimed by the CEO  e p

 CS Jacobs

 A Life Without Fear e ef pf

A Life Like This e ef pf

 CL Riley

 Bad Beats ef pf

 D.M. Midgley

A Complicated Love e ef pf

A Complicated Summer of Love e ef pf

An Unexpected Christmas e ef pf

An Unexpected Love e ef pf

 Dee Garcia

Allure e

I Am Lioness e ef pf

 Dzintra Sullivan

  Submerge e ef pf

Once Upon a Death e ef pf

F#cked If I Know e ef pf

Rumor e ef pf

Halfway House Series Books 1-3 ef pf

Depth e ef pf

 Merakai e ef pf

Immersion e ef pf

Mali & Em e ef pf

Ashja e ef pf

Nevaeh e ef pf

Raven e ef pf

Arkadia p ef pf

 Elle Raven

 Calabrese e

Heal Me ef pf

Provoke Me ef pf

 Elodie Colt

Handle Me e

A Flare of Love e

Hunt Me e

Appion e

A Flare of Sorrow  

Hit Me e

A Flare of Power e

A Flare of Hope e

Hire Me e

 In Blood We Trust e

  Evie Harper

 Fatal e

 Gwyn McNamee

 Savage Collision ef pf 

 Tortured Skye ef pf

 Haresh Buxani

The Adventures of Ro and Ris in the Mystery Garden e p ef pf

 Hazel Jacobs

Broken Shadow e p ef pf  

Sinful Rhythms e ef pf 

Civil e ef pf  

Make Me e ef pf

All or Nothing e ef pf

Black Lilith e ef pf

  H.R. Owen

 Dark Soul e p ef pf

Dark Mind e p ef pf

  Ivy Stone

 Divided e ef pf

     J.A. Collard

Blood Brother MC Box Set Vol 2 ef pf

One Last Chance e ef pf

Lexi - Property of Rhyder e ef pf

JA Low

Taking Control e p

Without Warning e p

Suddenly Bound e p

Reign Anthology e p

Suddenly Together e p

Hotshot Chef e p

Strictly Forbidden e p

Suddenly Dirty e p

The Merger e p

The Arrogant Artist e p

The Sexy Stranger e p

Paradise e p

Strangers in the City e p

Off Limits e p

 Jasmine Stevens

  Only You ef pf

All of You e p ef pf

Waiting for You e p ef pf

 Jennifer Jamelli

 Checked Again e

 Jessica Gleave

Fall for You - Van Wilden Chronicles Book 5 e p ef pf

Neveah e p ef pf

Helios and Zelena e p ef pf

Kingdoms of the Sea Box Set ef

A Princess' Hope e p ef pf

The Chief's Daughter e p ef pf

A New Queen's Burden e p ef pf

The Van Weilden Chronicles Box Set ef

More Than My Eyes e p ef pf

Straight Through The Heart e p ef pf

Over The Ashes e p ef pf

Taste of Revenge e p ef pf

I Will Protect You e p ef pf

The King's War e  ef pf

The Princess' Mission e  ef pf

The Queen's Alliance e  ef pf

 Jillian Quinn

 Ethan e

Defending Donovan e

Kissing Kilian e

Jocking Jameson e

Teaching Tucker e

Keeping Kane e

Pucking Parker e

Defiant Prince e

The Ultimate Sin e p

The First Sin e  p

   J.L. Perry

 Bossy Bastard - A Cocky Word Publication e p ef pf

   J.O Mantel

 Enough - Wham Bam Anthology e p

Tsunami ef pf

First Crush e ef pf

Second Best ef pf

Third Act ef pf

Dark Falkon - The Box Set ef pf

JS Wilder

 Belonging Part 3 e

 KA Sheldon

Accidental Submission e ef pf

Sparks to Flames e ef pf

 Kate Bonham

Fate e pf

Sacrifice e

Redemption e 

Revelations e ef pf

From The Depths e

Mine, Forever e

Stormblaze e

Kathleen Kelly - USA Today Bestselling Author

Wraith - Fealty (Elites Anthology) e p

Spark of Deception e p ef pf

Savage Rebel Book 6 e p ef pf

Savage Sacrifice Book 5 e p ef pf

Savage Lover Book 4 e p ef pf

Savage Town Book 3 e p ef pf

Savage Fire Book 2 e p ef pf

Savage Stalker Book 1 e p ef pf

Savage Angels MC ef pf

Spark of Hope e p ef pf

Powerful e p ef pf

Wraith Parts One and Two e p ef pf

Spark e p ef pf

Savage Christmas Book 9 e p ef pf

Savage Life Book 8 e p ef pf

Savage Lies Book 7 e p ef pf

 Kate Vine

Love e ef pf

   Kirsty Dallas

Liberty e

   Kathryn Kelly

 A Very Christopher Christmas e ef pf

Incendiary e ef pf

Misconduct e ef pf

Dirty Boy ef pf

Misfit ef pf

 Kiera Jayne

 Strength pf

  Kimberly Clark

The Species Within p

    Kat T. Masen

Trouble With Love e p

Dark Love Box Set ef

Reign (Reign Anthology) e p

Stalkers Anthology e

Chasing Heartbreak e p ef pf

Chasing Fate e p ef pf

Chasing Him e p ef pf

Chasing Her e p ef pf

Chasing Us e p ef pf

Chasing Love e p ef pf

Arrogant Aussie - A Cocky World Publication e p ef pf

#BITCH e p ef pf

#JERK e p ef pf

A Very Merry Ex-Mas e p

Sweet Temptations e p ef pf

Bad Boy Box Set e p ef pf

Bad Boy Rich e p ef pf

The Layover e

Roomie Wars Box Set e p ef pf

Baby Wars e p ef pf

Wedding Wars e p ef pf

Roomie Wars e p ef pf

Bad Boy Rich (in progress) e ef pf

Mr. Rebound e ef pf